Angus Females

We have always placed a strong emphasis on using cattle that stem from exceptional dams and grand dams. We don't settle for using good cows, but strive instead to keep a smaller, hand-selected herd comprised of near perfect females.

registered angus cows

Barco's production female selection criteria is rigorous and includes good disposition, balanced composition, and the ability to produce trouble free calves that deliver above average EPDs.

In our pastures you will find feminine, smooth shouldered cows with sound feet and legs. They carry flesh, calve easy and are good milkers. Most important, these females consistently produce high performance offspring; herd bulls for our repeat registered and commercial customers, and replacement heifers for quality-focused breeding operations.

registered angus heifers

We are dedicated to our on-going goal of achieving better calves, year after year, through improved genetics. As we all know, cows are not created equal so with every mating Barco tries to improve the qualities of each animal, and take extra care to never go backwards. Our foundation female families include Anna's, Bess', Blackcaps, Emma's, Gina's and Lou's.