Gardens North Star

Registration: AAA 15568392

Birth Date: 09/12/2006

North Star angus AI semen

Like the wagon masters of the wild west, you can rely on North Star to lead your herd in the correct direction!

Barco began using this superior son of Prime Star in 2009. Based on the performance of his calves, North Star has become a primary herd sire in our program. We consistently see moderate birth weights followed by accelerated growth that is yielding high weaning weights, outstanding yearling weights and highly desirable EPDs, especially for carcass data.

North Star's daughters are already proving to be great cows with beautiful udders. A son of North Star, Barco Norseman 97T, is the heaviest weaning weight bull Barco has ever had from a 2-year old, first-calf heifer.

weaning weight yearling weight
652 1311

Owned with Green Garden Angus Farm and C4 Ranches.